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Sharie Kelley

I attended eighteen public schools and eleven institutions of higher learning, yet, I struggle with verb tenses.  Probably one of the reasons I struggle is because the verb tenses of my Southern upbringing have stuck with me.  Speaking of my Southern heritage, when I was little, I thought the Civil War had just ended because my relatives were so mad about the North winning the war.

I now live in Pendleton, Oregon, an old West town, and my twenty-two pairs of cowboy boots, and nineteen cowboy hats are testimony to the old West that is a part of who I am.   

I write all kinds of things but not sci-fi or fantasy.  I’m working on several books and quite frequently, when someone brings up a topic, I think to myself, I wrote a poem about that.

My big social event of the week is playing live mahjong at a local brewery with friends while listening to an old time music jam. 

I play seven musical instruments by reading music but I play only for me and my two small parrots.  The music practice is my private time.

My poetry