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Jack Radosevich aka. Bushwakkr

Jack Radosevich is a lifelong resident of the Yakima Valley. He grew up on his family’s fruit orchard in Tieton and now lives in Yakima with his wife Judy. They are empty nesters who visit their daughters and grandkids in Seattle every chance they get. He has self published a novel: Notes from the Edge (Amazon) and a collection of his song lyrics: Life on the Run (Amazon).

He began rapping (Bushwakkr) when he became intrigued with the form in 1998 and flowed into political rap during the George W. Bush administration. Hence, the name. He has produced a bootleg mix tape: Worr of Wurrdz available on Bandcamp.com/Bushwakkr.

My poetry

God is Oxygen Theory

by Jack Radosevich aka. Bushwakkr | 4:48

Jail to the Chief

by Jack Radosevich aka. Bushwakkr | 1:12

Bipolar Express

by Jack Radosevich aka. Bushwakkr | :42