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Bonnie Wolkenstein

Bonnie Wolkenstein is a writer, photographer and psychologist based in Seattle. Her poetry, essays and photography explore what lies below the surface of everyday moments. Work has appeared in Penumbra, Poetica Magazine, New Note Poetry, The Good Life, Kansas City Voices, Drash; Northwest Mosaic, 56 Days of August, (Re) An Ideas Journal and La Presa. She has been a featured reader around the greater Seattle area, and has participated in international poetry readings in Guanajuato, MX and Seville, SP. She is the host of the Guanajuato Writing Retreat. Her first book, Dreaming in Cantera/Sueños en Cantera, is a bilingual collection of poems (WordTech Editions).

My poetry

I Don't Know the Name

by Bonnie Wolkenstein | 1:25

We Don't Speak of Heaven in My Tribe

by Bonnie Wolkenstein | 2:41