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Nicole Renee La Follette

Nicole Renée La Follette [Victor of the people • Reborn • Little fool (feminine)] Born in 1967 in Seattle, Nicole was raised in Marin County, studied and worked in France, Canada and Australia. With an epic love for the Pacific N.W., she gardens, practices yoga and meditation, dances, hikes, and supports the arts and public radio. She is a multi-linguist and considers herself unique, like everyone. Nicole received a BA in Languages and Philosophy from The Evergreen State College, worked for many years in the Film Industry as a Continuity/Script Supervisor, Editing Assistant and Personal Assistant to a well-known actor. She translated at The World Bank, attended childbirths as a licensed Doula, trained as a Master Gardener, and was a co-host of Kirkland’s ‘Raw Lines’ open-mic poetry, 2018-2019. Nicole often reads her poetry at open-mics across King County and continues to travel the globe. Her first book of poems, Unique, Like Everyone (Queen Jester Press) is forthcoming. She lives with her two dogs in a red house in Kirkland, WA.


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