Kelly Schirmann

KELLY SCHIRMANN is a poet, essayist, musician, and ceramicist from Northern California. She is the author of Popular Music (Black Ocean) and the co-author of Nature Machine (Poor Claudia), as well as several other chapbooks and collaborations. She is the founder and editor of Black Cake Records, a web-based record label for poetry and other experiments, which published over twenty albums of poetry from 2013-2015. With her partner, Jay Fiske, she performs in the band Sung Mountains and runs a seasonal, sustainable craft studio called OMO. Her writing has been featured at Broadly, GRANTA, The New York Tyrant, The Awl, Monster House Press, PENAmerica, Powderkeg, Spork Press, The Sonora Review, and many other places. She currently lives and works in Missoula, Montana, and at

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